Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Die aktuelle "Gazette" ist da: July/August 2013

Die Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette - Diese Ausgabe würde sich schon allein wegen des herrlichen Coverbildes lohnen! Wie immer ein tolles Heft. Hier der Inhalt:

  • Three Little Layouts - Doable
  • My On30 Version of the D&RGW Pagosa Springs Combine - Fitting in
  • Smuggler's Cove - Part 2: Buildings, Boats, and Details
  • Reaching Back Into History - A Depot from the Past
  • Yosemite Valley Railway Maintenance-of-Way Car 02 - Yet More Detective Work
  • Along the Narrow Gauge - The Surry, Sussex & Southampton Story - Part 4: "Jacks"
  • Bad Day in Dendron - A sidebar
  • Vulcan Iron Works 2-Ton Gas Locomotive
  • Open House on My 3/8n20 Consolidated Republic Mining Company Railroad - Part 2: Open Houses and Operating Sessions
  • Making Hay and Straw Bales - Necessary Detail
  • Layouts to See in the San Diego Area - Come Early and Stay Late! - The 33rd National Narrow Gauge Convention
  • Cultivating Friendships on the Rio Grande Southern - What it's all about
  • Keeping Them Running - Part 2: Tips for Reliable Operation - Couplers · Trucks · Car Maintenance
  • The Narrow Gauge Scene - Getz's Patented Colorado (Blvd.) Travel Log
  • Plans & the Regular Monthly Features 

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